10 Side Hustle Ideas to Get You Started

10 side hustles

Money is a basic life necessity. Who doesn’t want to earn a bit of cash? Whether you are saving for a rainy day, to buy something long awaited or trying to clear your debt, the extra cash will always come in handy. But, how can you make  this extra cash, especially when you are busy with a day job? Well, the answer is simple. In this day and age of the internet, you can start some side hustles even at home to make a few bucks online. Let’s look at some side hustle ideas.

Not only this will give you some financial freedom but you can always turn it into a full time income stream later on. 

What Is a Side Hustle?

A side Hustle is a part time work option that helps to make some decent extra cash. This comes in handy if you are just starting your career or later in life when trying to meet your family needs. It also helps to save cash for the rainy days which is difficult with a single stream of income. 

10 Best Side Hustle Ideas That’ll Make You Money

If you are serious about starting a side hustle, we have compiled a list of 10 best side hustles to get you started:

#1. Start Dropshipping as a Side Hustle

Dropshipping is one of the most popular ways of earning some extra cash. It is basically about selling products to customers without owning an inventory. You do not need to have a high investment to start it. The manufacturer is responsible for shipping the product to the customer. You are responsible only for customer service and marketing. If you have some marketing experience, then this is the best side hustle to get started.

#2. Freelance Writing Side Hustles

Freelance writing is another good way of making a few bucks online. There are many good opportunities available on sites such as ProBlogger to get you started. However, since you will be offering a service and trading your time and effort in return, you must charge clients accordingly.  A lot of freelance writers charge very little which burns them out in the long run. Other than ProBlogger, you can start on Fiverr, Upwork and Craigslist. You can make anywhere from $100 to $2000 per month.

#3 Online Tutoring

The world around us is moving to an online work mode. From studies to work and even buying groceries, everything can be done online today. If you have got teaching skills, you can start making money from it by tutoring online. Many people are teaching English online to earn good money. However, this is not the only discipline you can teach. You can teach anything based on your skillset. There are sites such as Udemy etc. where you can submit your course.

#4. Start with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another popular money making idea. However, it is one of those side hustles that can make huge sums of money if it works and makes nothing if it doesn’t work. You can become an affiliate marketer for eCommerce stores. However, the commission rate is not high in this case which makes dropshipping a better way of earning online. But, there are still some big tech companies that pay good money to affiliates who refer customers to them.

#5. Be a Part of the Gig Economy

Become a part of the freelance community. There are many side gigs you can sell on  Fiverr such as increasing the social media following, starting a T-Shirt mockup etc. You just need to assess your skills and based on those skills offer a service to clients through platforms such as Fiverr.

How much money can you make with this side hustle job? You could make anywhere from $50 to $2,000 a month depending on the side gigs you take on and the platform you use.

#6. Start a Blog

If you have writing skills, then the best side hustle will be to start a blog. You won’t have to keep up with the strict deadlines. Choose a niche that you are passionate about. This will help you write down amazing and interesting articles that the readers will love. Once you have the traffic, you can monetize your blog with affiliate links, Google Adsense, sponsored posts or simply by inserting links to your dropshipping business.

#7 Become a Virtual Assistant

If you are one of those people who love to organize things and handle administrative work, you can start a side hustle related to a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants work from home and handle everything related to office administrative work such as checking and responding to emails, scheduling interviews, managing calendar etc. They do all the work remotely which is why the term virtual is used. You can work for diverse clients which will make your work interesting.

#8 Become an Instagram Influencer

Many of us wanted to become famous and popular artists or singers in our childhood. However, not everyone has the skills to do so. But, with the help of Instagram, you can build yourself as an instagram influencer. Build a personal brand around your name. Once you have enough followers and engagement on your profile, you will get ad sponsors from companies to mention their products/services etc on your page. You can also monetize your instagram account through sponsored posts, selling a product or instagram takeovers. This is surely one of the easy side hustles to start.

#9. Sell Your Photography

Photography is another side hustle for the creative heads. If you love taking pictures of your surroundings then selling it for some money is not a bad idea at all. There are local publications and some relevant traffic blogs where you can sell your images. You can also offer product photography and shoots for a better income. Last but not the least, you can also get clients related to weddings/birthdays and some other family or work occasions.

#10. Start an Online Store

eCommerce sounds hectic and daunting. But truth is with the help of Shopify and Etsy, selling online through an eCommerce website has become simple and easy. You only need to focus on creating your online store and marketing it. That’s it. You can also combine it with a drop shipping business so they handle your luggage. This is the last side hustle in our list of 10 side hustles.


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