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10 Things Every Woman Should Own by Age 30

Turning 30 is not as boring as it sounds. It means that you have officially become an adult. Even though success is not time-dependent, by 30 you are expected to finish a certain educational period and move into practical professional life.

Here is a list of 10 things every woman should own by age 30:

10 things every woman should do by 30
1. Perfect Coffee Maker

We all love coffee and it’s everyone’s favorite. Although getting a cup of Starbucks coffee on the way to work or university occasionally is fine. But by 30, you must have your perfect coffee maker. You don’t need to spend a fortune, there are some really fine coffee makers out there which will brew tasty cups of coffee for you every morning!

2. The Blazer that Fits Perfectly in Every Way

Clothes are important to every woman. You must have a well-tailored blazer that fits your body perfectly. Every woman needs to have at least one such blazer that compliments her silhouette. You can wear it to work or just when going out with friends and family. 

3. Quality Skin Care Products 

Skincare is essential. Every woman should use quality skincare products to keep their skin fresh and healthy especially after turning 30. There are many skincare products available in the market suited for several skin types. Try adding some to your skincare wardrobe if you haven’t already.

4. Nice Pair of Shoes: Flats and Heels

Every woman must own a pair of flats and heels that can be worn with everything you wear. For example, you can buy a pair of nice flat ballets to use for the entire season or even years. The same goes for a pair of heels. Make sure the heels you purchase are comfortable and gives you the confidence you seek when walking around!

5. Email, Voicemail, and Bank Account

You should have your very own email address, voicemail box, and even a bank account that is only accessible to you. Life has a funny way of surprising us and by 30 you may have realized a lot of practical things about life that you haven’t before. All these things will certainly come in handy for years to come!

 6. Fancy Pair of Sunglasses

You may already have a collection of sunglasses that you have bought over the years. However, we all have one pair of sunglasses that we love wearing when leaving home. Instead of keeping all those extra pairs of sunglasses, keep just one or two pairs of classic sunglasses that won’t ever go out of style.

7. Progressing Towards Personal & Professional Life

Every 30 something woman should be progressing towards personal and professional life experiences that she believes in.

8. Kitchen Utilities

By 30 you may already have learned to cook good food. To enjoy the art of cooking, try getting some good quality kitchen utensils, pots, and pans in particular. You will be surprised at how much use you would get out of them for your everyday meals.

9. Matching Crockery Dishes

You must also have a set of matching crockery dishes that can be used to serve lunch or dinner to up to 5 people. Give away with the random dishes and find something classic that is matching and budget-friendly.

10. A Handy ToolKit

Keep a proper toolkit to deal with handy-man fixes around the home. The tool-kit must have a screwdriver, hammer, and an electric drill. 


With this I complete my list for 10 things that every woman should own by age 30. If you can think of any more ideas, feel free to comment below.

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