30 things to do before you turn 30

I turned 29 this week, that is one year closer to the dreaded 30. In exactly one year I won’t be a 20 something anymore and that got me to make a list of things I’d like to do before I turn 30.

  • Travel solo

Been there done that, It sounds a lot worse than it actually is. Infact, travelling solo gives you a fresh perspective and pushes you out of your comfort zone by trying out new things, meeting strangers and the list goes on. In my case it made me feel more confident and independent.

  • Live in a different city

This one’s for you if you live in the same city as your family does. Hey having family around is great, I get it,but this is one of the things you must do before you turn 30. We all have our good and bad days but if you don’t have a cushion of having family around. Dealing with your problems by yourself is going to make you much stronger and better at making a life of your own.

  • Start saving

Retirement might sound like a long time away but opening up an RSP account or 401k depending where you live should be a must before you turn 30. The sooner you start saving the better it is for you. So do yourself a favor and start today!

  • Do something adventurous

Shams and I are both adrenaline junkies (thankfully). Ever since we have been together we make it a point to try something fun every year. Last year we tried Ziplining in Whistler and River Rafting, this year we tried Windsurfing (okay maybe not as adventurous but at least something). Lets see what the years to come have in store for us.

  • Have a workout routine

Guilty of not following this but this is super important. The older we get our bodies need more TLC than normal that includes having a fitness routine. Experts suggest taking out at least 45 minutes every day. If you are a lazy ass like I am, twice a week is good enough. Im using Classpass these days to keep things interesting.

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  • Give up on fast-food

We arent 21 anymore and most likely wont digest packaged Ramen as well as we did a decade ago. Dont be cruel to your body and quit eating Fastfood.

  • Learn to say NO

Stop trying to please everyone and do yourself favor by learning to say No. If something doesnt make you happy, dont do it.

  • Do something out of your comfort zone

I used to make fun of Shams for going to the movies alone for the longest time. Until I thought I should do something out of my comfort zone, So I did! I went to the movies by myself and it wasn’t bad at all. Dare yourself to try something out of your comfort zone.

  • Have a few close friends

When you are 30 or close to 30, you don’t want to have fillers in your life. Have a close friend or two that you can count on for anything. And be there for them when they need you.

  • Try a new sport

Shams and I took Tennis and Windsurfing lessons this past summer and Im hoping to take some Skiing lessons this winter. So be a good sport and challenge yourself to try a new sport.

  • Try something new

Im finally starting to feel like I have my shit figured out because I have a secondary life outside of my routine life. I block an hour every night to try new things, these days I am trying knitting for example. It is a productive outlet for me and makes me feel good about myself. So try something new, even if it is temporary.

  • Have a hobby

I absolutely love gardening, unfortunately we dont have a patio or a balcony I can use to grow plants so I ended up finding a way for gardening indoors.

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Having a hobby not only distracts you from your worries but also brings you peace of mind.

  • Declutter

I used to be a hoarder up until a few years ago. Now, I make sure to declutter my closet every 6 months and donate things I havent worn or know Im not going to use without overthinking. Declutter doesnt only apply to your closet, learn to declutter your life.

things to do before you turn 30

  • Treat yourself to something you always wanted

30 is a big number and we all deserve something special we have been eyeing for a while. So treat yourself to something you always wanted. If you have made it this far, you deserve it.

  • Invest in yourself

“One is never too old to go to school”. I didn’t believe in this for the longest time until my husband practically forced me to enroll into a bootcamp last year. Do I regret it? No. Was it easy? Hell No. But it was all worth it in the end

  • Look out for your Mental health

From your teens to your late twenties, you go through a lot of changes. Emotionally, physically and mentally. It is important to take some down time every now and then. 

  • Let go of the past

It’s just not worth holding grudges, let’s just move on!

  • Spend time with family

The older you get the busier you are going to get in your lives and when you do, you are going to regret not having spent time with family. So try to spend as much time as you can while you are younger.

  • Give back

Pick a cause and support it. It doesn’t necessarily have to be financial, you can even volunteer.

  • Be financially independent- start a Side hustle

30 is when you should be financially independent (the sooner the better) but 30 is also when you should have a side hustle going other than your full time job.

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  • Set yourself a reading goal

I am one of those people who always carry a book on our trips away but never actually read it. Hold yourself accountable, set goals, keep track, join a book club. Whatever works for you.

  • Get a job you actually like

I consider myself lucky to be in a job I actually enjoy but that didn’t happen overnight. Last year, I was hating the job I was in and one day realized this is not what I want to do for the rest of my life so I quit! I went back to school, studied what I really wanted to do and here I am at a place I really want to be at. School doesnt have to be years long, these days there are numerous options to take short courses like the one I took that helped me find my dream job.

  • Make a Photo album

We all take tons of pictures from our phones, but do we ever really end up going back to those? Maybe 10% of the times. I like going old school when it comes to pictures. Shams and I have physical photo albums that have pictures of all the moments we want to reminisce when we are older.

  • Take time out for yourself

It is very easy to get so busy in your routine that you forget to take time out for yourself. This is the reason we all go through mental breakdowns. So pause! Take some time out for yourself, do things you actually like doing.

  • Thank your stars

No matter how good or a bad of a place you are in your life, always thank your stars. There is always someone out there wishing they had a life like you do.

  • Start taking care of your skin

When I turned 27 I started noticing fine lines on my forehead and that freaked me out. That’s when I realized I should have started doing this sooner. These days I am using this face oil that is helping me keep my skin hydrated and moisturized.

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  • Networking is key

No matter what part of the world you live in, Always try to get to know people in your industry. Thats what I learnt at RED Academy and thats what helped me find my job. I spent all of last year attending networking events and making use of Linkedin and Shapr app to connect with people in my industry.

  • Spend your time wisely

Im sure you feel like you dont have as much time as you used to when you were 21. So use your time wisely. Life is only going to get busier.

  • Learn to grow up not old

Sometimes you meet people who don’t act their age and that makes you wonder. So let us all learn to grow up, be more responsible and make better decisions for our years to come.


12 thoughts on “30 things to do before you turn 30

  1. I’m proud of myself for doing most of those things! I really need to get back to reading though. Once you get out of the habit its hard to get back!

  2. Traveling solo is huge. To add onto that, traveling solo to a place that doesn’t speak your language[s]. You learn so much about yourself and realize how awesome you are and your capabilities. Its an experience I encourage of everyone to do at least once. It is scary at the time, yet so incredibly rewarding.

  3. Im only 26 but I have a few of these achievements already, makes me feel a little more accomplished with my life lol. But the ones on here that I don’t have, I really need to get done. I also have a goal of becoming 100% debt free by age 30… soooo we’ll see how that goes too lol

  4. As this is my last year in my 30’s- I can honestly say these are great tips and if you jus started out in your 30’s it is not too late…. do your best to not get into debit…

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