5 Changes To Make For Productive Self In 2021

changes to make for productive self

Everybody around the world makes new year resolutions when they want to change certain habits from their life’s daily routine. This is indeed important. For some change is like fresh air, as the daily routine becomes monotonous and boring. Most people also want to get rid of the negative aspects of their lives. This is why changes to make for most productive self in 2021 is necessary for all individuals. But it is not easy. Although everyone wants a change, most individuals lack the perseverance and patience required to fulfill their new year resolutions and self-commitments.

It is very important to self-analyze ourselves before making any commitments to others and ourselves. Ask yourself what is the most important thing you want to change or adapt in yourself. 

Start with small milestones, so you don’t lose hope and motivation in trying to achieve them. Planning small milestones gives a boost to our commitment emotionally and mentally. This small commitment to ourselves also increases our inner drive. Here is a list of some important points which may help you to make yourself the most productive in 2021. Let’s get started:

Make a List of Changes to Make for Productive Self

Write down the most important things you want to achieve for this year. Calm your mind, take a deep breath, and think carefully, since you would be planning for the upcoming 52 weeks of the year. Jot down the points in a personal journal so you can easily refer to them from time to time. You can also use your smartphone or tab for writing and saving the points. However, don’t stress out when it comes to making a list of things you want to change, if you feel stuck. Not everything may come to your mind at once. Remember that you can always subtract or add to your list from time to time. 

Accept Things You Can’t Change

We have to deal with many events and people around us on a daily basis. We can not agree with all the people that we meet in our lives but have to face them frequently either at work or in the family. Instead of feeling frustrated and stressed by the presence of such people, the best thing to do is to accept their presence and ignore their behavior and anything that annoys you. If you happen to come around such people at work, it’s best to focus on work instead of their toxic presence. You can also try and develop a self-control attitude, which will go a long way in staying calm around such people. This is one of the most important changes to make for a productive self in 2021.

Visualize Outcomes

Take some time out, sit, and visualize the outcome of all the different situations you wrote down earlier. This will have a calming effect on your mind. Meditation is another way to calm yourself emotionally. It helps to stay focused on the work you may want to continue. If you feel things will not go the way you want them to by visualizing the end result, it’s best to leave them. But, remember that certain calculated risks are worth pursuing to bring the change you want. Always remember you are the product of choices you took and spent the most time with. 

Be Generous

Try to be a generous and charitable person. Give generously to those in need and see how peaceful your mind becomes after it. Giving is a very important ingredient in life. We always get back what we give in the first place. Be it, love, presents for loved ones, or even time, all of it would come back to you one day if you invest in it. Even the negative emotions such as hate and anger come back and bite you, so try and steer clear of all such negativities around you. Be Positive and focus on positive things this year and you will be able to set yourself for a better tomorrow. If you can understand this, you will understand the way life works.

Maintain a Healthy Life Balance

Attaining a life balance is the most important thing which we all strive for. But we are unable to understand it most of the time. Maintaining a work-life balance and healthy relationships is key to a prosperous life. However, not all of us can balance time properly. Time management is very important in all aspects of life. Those who can understand and implement it in their daily routines are the real winners of life. We need to understand that our presence is important in all the areas of life be it social, work, family, or recreation.  

Working on these 5 tips would surely make you a better version of yourself in 2021. Good Luck!


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