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5 Money Mistakes You are Probably Making

money mistakes

Our everyday life expenses revolve around money. While some people are good at handling finances, some struggle with it. There are some common money mistakes that a lot of us are guilty of making. If you steer clear of these money mistakes, you will be able to save a healthy part of your salary while managing your daily expenses on a yearly basis. Here are 5 money mistakes to avoid  for a better financial future:

  1. Delaying Monthly Payments

Many of us are guilty of falling behind on monthly house or car leasing payments. If you fall in this cycle,it will become difficult to break. You will have to pay a late fee each time you delay the payment. This not only costs more money but also damages your credit score. This can also negatively affect your finances in the future. 

To get around this problem, you should start paying the installments on time. Address the reasons for falling behind the payments. Shop within your budget so you are able to break the habit of paying late.

  1. Falling Prey to Credit Cards for Daily Expenses

Many of us become addicted to credit cards. Do not use credit cards for meeting your everyday expenses, as this will add up to a huge amount of debt in a short time period. Different research indicates that People who use credit cards for shopping end up spending more money. To stop this habit of using credit cards, you need to stick to your budget. Keep credit cards only for emergency payments.

  1. Quitting Day Job Without a Plan

If your day job is the only means of income, then you must not quit it without a proper plan. You also do not qualify for unemployment insurance after quitting your job. This puts a lot of financial burden over you. Finding a new job also becomes difficult when you are currently not working  anywhere. 

Instead of quitting your current job to find a new one, look for a new company on the side. This will also help prevent the unemployment gaps in your resume and keep you relaxed as you have your monthly salary to depend on. 

  1. Taking Personal Loans From Friends and Family

Many of us are guilty of borrowing money from friends and family when faced with a tight financial situation. This puts a lot of pressure on your relationship. They may start asking you some personal financial questions and make comments about your money making and spending habits. 

They may also need it back immediately due to some emergency, which will become difficult for you. So to avoid falling in this troublesome situation, it is better to avoid borrowing money from friends and family. This way, you will be able to keep your private life private, while maintaining healthy friendship and family relations.

  1. Staying at a Dead End Job

Choosing to stay at a dead end job is another major financial mistake. The reason it hurts you in the long run is because it doesn’t give you space for increasing your earnings and savings for the rainy days. Instead of staying at a dead end job, you must make a plan to switch to a better one. 

Start your research and make a switch when the time is right. If you need some additional skills to land a good opportunity, learn those skills while working on the side. Today, many websites are offering courses online at affordable rates. This will help prepare you for switching to better opportunities when the time comes.


If you prevent yourself from falling prey to the above mentioned money mistakes, you will definitely be able to put yourself in a better financial situation. Instead of waiting for the things to turn around, take a step, start today and make a change. You will thank yourself later! 


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