6 Ways to Make Green Smoothies that Taste Good

Whether you’re already on a healthy eating spree or looking to get started, you know how eating more raw and healthy foods (particularly greens) is the way to go! And what could be a better way to do that than starting your day with a green smoothie. 
Green smoothies may be exceptionally healthy, but more often than not, you’ll find your taste buds detesting them. Here’s helping you make that a teeny bit better. Read on to discover some easy ways to make green smoothies that taste good! 

green smoothies that taste good

Start Right

One of the best ways to make green smoothies that taste good is to start off with a delicious base like a frozen banana or cup of Greek yogurt. Frozen bananas, when blended with other ingredients, taste like ice-cream, while Greek yogurt adds a nice creamy texture to your smoothie. Both of these do an excellent job of balancing the health factor with the yumminess- need we say more?

Choose Wisely

Sure, green smoothies mean they need to have those green veggies in them, but making smart choices when it comes to choosing those veggies can really impact their taste- not all of them taste great. Infact, some greens are bitter and difficult to digest when consumed raw. 
Spinach can be a great choice, since it has a neutral flavor and works well with almost all ingredients. Broccoli and green peas are again, excellent since they taste sweet when blended. Kale might seem on the healthier side, but it is bitter and not always the best choice- unless you’re going for juicier smoothies, which we’ve discussed further below. 

Make it Juicy

Another excellent way to make green smoothies that taste good is by making them juicy. You can do this by adding citrus fruits like oranges, mangoes, pineapple, grapefruit and lemon into the mix. When blended, these fruits add a lot of extra liquid, and make the smoothie taste yum!  

Add Some Flavor

A super easy way to add some fun and flavor into your bland and weird tasting green smoothies is to throw in a couple of ingredients that give them a bolder kick of flavor. You can think of spices such as ginger, cayenne pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and paprika. Most of these work well with all kinds of smoothie bases- even thicker ones like those with nut butters in them. 
These spices don’t just improve your smoothie’s taste, but also pack in some other health benefits too. 

Lemon Rocks!

You’ll be surprised at how effective this little veggie can be when it comes to enhancing the flavor and taste of your green smoothies. This can be particularly helpful if your green smoothie is tasting grassy or has an excessively sweet flavor. Plus, lemon is also a great detoxifying agent that can cleanse the body of its toxins and improve digestive health. Team it up with your green smoothie that has coconut water or a non-dairy base and you’re covered. 

Keep it Simple

Last but not the least, a no-fail tip to make green smoothies that taste good is to keep it simple. You might be tempted to pack in every healthy ingredient you can into the smoothie, but that doesn’t always make it taste great. Experiment with different greens and pair it with other ingredients and see which combinations work best in terms of flavor and health. To enhance the health aspect of your green smoothies, you could also add in some other ingredients like matcha green tea powder, spirulina, chlorella or hemp protein. 


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