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7 Essential WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

Hi there, like yourself I started blogging a little while ago and after a lot of trial and error figured the list of WordPress plugins catering towards the success of my blog. 

If you are looking to get into blogging read my post on How to start a blog in 5 easy steps.

Without further ado lets get started:


When you are a new blogger you most likely aren’t thinking of spending money to attract traffic to your blog (and you shouldn’t). So how do you get organic traffic to your blog? This is where Yoast comes to rescue. Yoast is a  plugin that helps you create content that is SEO friendly and helps you rank higher in Google search engine. This doesn’t obviously happen overnight, SEO is a free tool that everyone uses hence it is very competitive and saturated. When you create quality content that is SEO friendly, over time your website will start getting more organic traffic. 

Contact form 7

When you have a blog you obviously want people to be able to get in touch with you whether it be for feedback, collaboration or sponsored posts. Contact form 7 is the most user friendly plugin that allows you to create multiple forms at once.

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Related Posts Thumbnails

Some WordPress themes have this facility built within but being a blogger, this is one of the most important things you want to have on your site. You want people to spend as much time as they can on your blog with lower Bounce rates. This plugin will show people relevant posts from within your blog, that increases chances of them staying.


You can’t not have pictures in a blog. Having said that, the more pictures you have the more it affects your page loading time and Google doesn’t like websites that take over 3s to load. Smush is a plugin that helps you optimize your images for better page loading times. Once you install Smush all the images you upload after will automatically be Smushed!

Kiwi Social Share – Social Media Share Buttons & Icons

When you are a blogger, you rely heavily on Social media to bring in traffic to your blog and to do that you should allow your content to be shared by other people on their own Social media channels. There are many Social media share plugins out there but I find Kiwi Social Share the best when it comes to User interface and ease to use.

Insert Headers & Footers

This is one of the basic plugins everyone should have as it helps you with the technical aspect of your blog. You obviously want to keep track of your traffic with Google analytics and this comes in handy when putting a code on your website or even if you want a pop up on your website for email opt ins.

Ad Inserter

Once you are a few months into blogging and have a decent amount of traffic consistently you might want to monetize your blog. Ad inserter is a plugin that is compatible with Adsense and Media net.

Other important things to consider

Recent posts Widget with thumbnails

When I installed my current WordPress theme it would show me my Recent posts in texts. The more I would blog, the more it started looking clunky. I looked at other blogs and saw a thumbnail with their recent posts thats when I started researching and found this plugin. 

Email Marketing

Experts say your Email subscribers contribute to the success of your blog. It is therefore very important to have a way for people to subscribe to your blog and keep them engaged. I use Mailerlite for my Email Marketing. 

Sign up for a free Mailerlite account here


Pinterest is proven to be the best social media channel for Lifestyle bloggers like myself. I started with manually pinning my content but that took up a lot of my time. I learnt about Tailwind from my other blogger friends that it automates the whole process. It does come with a price tag, so I decided to try the free version first.

In a month my Pinterest views went up to 20,000 thats when I was convinced to get the Premium version. 

In order to understand how to optimize my time using Tailwind, I took this course by Ell Duclos called “Pinterest with Ell” this is the best $30 Ive ever invested.

Get your first month free by signing up here

What are some of your favorite plugins?

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11 thoughts on “7 Essential WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

  1. I go back and forth about using Tailwind. I did the trial and found it easy to use. But I’m still debating. Pinterest is so important though so it is a great service.

  2. Thanks for this post. I don’t know all the plugins we use but this will be great to pass along to my partner. We are really trying to figure this out as we go which has not been easy. This list seems like a great place to start to get your site up and running!

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