A guide to Indoor Gardening

I consider myself as a crafty/DIY person. Now my husband will argue I never really finish a project I pick up (Which is true) but I really enjoy the idea of DIYing including growing my own vegetables & herbs.

Before I moved to Vancouver, I used to live in my parent’s house back home that had a massive Garden where I would use to grow my own vegetables and flowers. I moved to Vancouver in January last year (I know that is the worst time to move to a city like this). We live in a Condo and unfortunately, we don’t have a balcony and having plants inside wasn’t even an option considering the dark and depressing weather half the year. I started researching to find a way around indoor gardening and that’s when I came across this indoor gardening device called Click and Grow.

indoor gardening

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I took a couple of weeks to research it before I ordered it online and to my surprise 90% of the reviews were positive. Thats when I decided to take the plunge and ordered the Smart Garden 3.

Learn more about Smart Garden 3 here

The device came securely packed with complimentary Basil seeds. I also ended up ordering Red chilli seeds and Cilantro seeds from Amazon. Each pack of seeds has 3 pieces that you can use at any time. I used 2 of the spots to plant chillies and one of them to plant Cilantro.

One of the good things with Click & Grow is that they offer a variety of different kinds of seeds for indoor gardening like mini Tomatoes, Thyme, Arugula, Parsley, Peppermint to name a few, there is tons to choose from (Full list here).

indoor gardening
indoor gardening

The process was pretty straight forward; Attach the lamp extension to the device, Insert the seeds in the pods and fill the device with water till the bar starts floating. Once you are done with that you need to plug the device in. It has an automatic timer that lights for 16 hours in a day and then turns itself off for 8 hours to let the plants rest. It basically imitates the natural sun cycle. I would advise you to turn it on during the day so it shuts off at night as the light is pretty bright.

My honest review:

The Cilantro pods were very quick to grow it only took a few days (3 or 4) for it to sprout. I believe I harvested the plant about 6 times before it was time to replace the pod. Similar harvesting times the second time- Very pleased overall

The Chillies however took quite some time to sprout and turn into a full grown plant. Once it matured, it started popping out white flowers that would die on its own without producing fruit. That went on for about a month till I realized I might have to cross pollinate the flowers. Once I did that it started producing fruit almost instantly. I installed my Click and Grow in June this year and Harvested my first batch of chillies End of September. Some people say the plant is only good for a single harvest but I still see small flowers popping up every day so I will wait it out.

I only water my Click and Grow once a week which is great. I will be planting some Basil seeds next in the hope of making some great tasting Pesto. Will keep you all updated.


11 thoughts on “A guide to Indoor Gardening

  1. I didn’t know about Smart Garden 3, that appears to be clear and easy to grow fresh herbs right in your kitchen. I would definitely be growing mint for my flavored water!

  2. Oh, I love this idea! I’d really have to watch what we grow indoors because we have a curious kitty that lives here, hehe.

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