Bananas for Weight Loss: Decoding the Link

Chock full of nutrients and fiber, bananas are definitely one of the healthiest fruits to add to your diet. Infact, in the recent years, they have also become popular as a weight loss food. But what exactly is the link between bananas for weight loss? Keep reading to find out just that and lots more!

Decoding Bananas 

Bananas may be well known for their potassium content, but there’s so much more to them than just that. They are also packed full of fiber- a medium banana lends your body almost 12% of your daily fiber requirement. 

This fiber doesn’t just help keep the digestive system healthy but also stabilizes blood sugar levels. Some studies have also found a link between the consumption of fiber rich foods and lower blood cholesterol levels, and therefore, a reduced risk of heart disease too.
Those looking to start with a weight loss diet may be concerned about the high sugar content of this fruit, but here’s diving deep into it and discovering what it is all about! 

bananas and weight loss

The Banana Diet: What is it All About?

You may have come across the banana diet while you’re actively looking for some good weight loss diets that are easy to follow. The banana diet, which needs you to have only bananas for breakfast, does sound sensible considering how most healthy diets need you to focus on increasing your fruit and vegetable intake. 

But what’s the relation between bananas for weight loss really? It turns out, they might actually help you lose a few pounds, and even show you better results when you pair it with a healthy diet in general and a regular exercise routine. Here’s how. 

  • A medium sized banana gives your body more than 20% of RDI of vitamin B6, 17% of RDI of vitamin C, 15% of RDI of manganese, 12% of RDI of potassium and several other nutrients. 
  • Bananas are low in both fat, which again, makes them an excellent choice to be added to your weight loss routine. 
  • In addition, bananas also contain a good amount of plant antioxidants particularly dopamine and catechin, which fight free radical damage. 
  • Being a rich source of fiber, bananas also keep your digestive system functioning at its best. A healthy gut is, in turn, linked to better weight loss. 
  • The fiber in bananas helps keep you feeling full for a longer period of time, which can help keep you off of binge eating and mindless snacking. 
  • One of the strongest links between bananas and weight loss is the fact that bananas contain sugars that release slowly (thanks to their low glycemic index). That is exactly why bananas give you a constant and consistent supply of energy as opposed to a quick burst of energy followed by a crash. 
  • The low glycemic index of bananas also helps keep blood sugar levels consistent, which, with time, also boosts weight loss.

So What’s Really the Link Between Bananas for Weight Loss?

Now that we’ve got you brushed on all the important stuff, it is finally time to answer the question- is there really a link between bananas for weight loss?
Well, whether you have a couple of them as your breakfast, or just munch on one as an evening snack, bananas are definitely an excellent healthy food choice. They also tend to fill you up more easily as opposed to other high calorie snacks, and also bring in a whole lot of health benefits. 

While there are not enough studies to confirm that eating bananas does in fact, cause weight loss, experts do point out to the fact that bananas have not just one, but several properties that could make them do so. 


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