Benefit of Celery Juice – I tried Celery Juice for 3 Weeks

Celery juice has become quite popular in the health and wellness industry. Everyone believes it to be a miracle juice that you should consume on an empty stomach in the morning. Even though I consider most healthy diets as a scam due to commercial reasons. But celery is not something commercial. So it can hold true. I tried celery juice for 3 weeks and see for myself what happens when you consume it every morning! Let’s talk about the benefits of celery juice.

I tried celery juice for 3 weeks

Health Benefit of Celery Juice

It has a healthy effect on your body. The juice does away with all the old toxins and poisons which are built up in the body over time. It also helps to kill off bad bacteria, parasites, and viruses.

This helps in digestion, breaking down the fats and proteins while reducing bloating at the same time.

Most of the time, the proteins we consume are left undigested in the stomach and stay there to rot. This causes bloating and other digestive problems.

Breaks it Down..

Celery helps to digest the undigested food by breaking it down. This may be a good cure to try for bloating, constipation, and other digestion issues.

Moreover, it increases energy levels, hormonal balance, and reduce skin issues such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne.

Rules to Drink the Celery Juice

There are a few rules to drinking celery juice if you want to avail of its benefits. Consume it without mixing it with anything else. It should also be drunk first thing in the morning.

Consume it as it is..

You should not eat any food or coffee before drinking celery juice. Wait for at least half an hour after drinking celery juice if you want to consume anything else.

Avoid mixing anything into the celery juice such as apple cider, lemon juice, or collagen.

Medical medium expert, Anthony William claims that doing so will take away its health benefits.

Juice It For Better Results

Last but not the least, you must juice it instead of blending it. People who blend it lose on its health benefits. That’s because, during the blending process, the fiber from the pulp kills all the health benefits.

In case you only have a blender at your disposal, try removing the pulp with a muslin cloth or a cheesecloth. Wrap the pulp in the cloth and extract as much juice from the pulp as possible.

My Experience After I Tried Celery Juice for 3 weeks

I tried celery juice to experience if all those tall health claims were true. I was looking to improve my skin condition – psoriasis in particular. I was not consuming any medicine and wanted something natural to help me with it. Besides, I also wanted to improve my hormonal issues and gut health.

I didn’t change anything in my diet except I used to drink it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. However, I started slowly, in the beginning, consuming only 8 ounces but gradually increased it to 16 ounces per day.

First Few Days….

The first few days of drinking the celery juice just felt amazing. I saw a significant improvement in my bloating and noticed my energy levels were consistent throughout the day. I did want to stick to it for atleast a few weeks to make sure this was real.

Finally after 3 weeks….

I continued to juice myself. And I am glad I did. After those few days, my digestion, bloating, sluggish-ness, fatigue all improved a great deal. I also noticed my skin had started glowing.


To all the people out there who are looking for some natural way to improve their digestive, skin and hormonal problems, I would surely recommend the famous yet healthy Celery juice.

Follow the rules for consuming it as shared above and stick with it. You will benefit from it.


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