Fighting Winter Blues

It is that time of the year again when Christmas is over and so is the festive happy vibe. Whats left now is all dark, depressing and wet for the next few months (for some of us anyway). So how do we fight winter blues?

Amp up on Vitamin D

Consuming Vitamin D is crucial at this time due to the lack of sun. I have been reading numerous articles regarding benefits of Vitamin D in preventing diseases. The New York Times best-selling author Joseph Mercola, DO, suggests that adults take as much as 5,000 IU per day. I have noticed a subtle change in my body ever since I started doing this, I do feel more energetic and less prone to body aches. This is my favourite one from Naturewise. It does help me feel more active during the day.

Befriend a Winter sport

You can either sulk about how depressing it is or befriend a winter sport to have a great time of the year. This is my 2nd winter here in Canada and Im looking forward to taking Skiing lessons next month. Other winter sports you can get into include snowboarding, snow shoeing, ice skating what ever floats your boat.

Catch the sun and stay active

Staying active is the hardest part around this time. My advice? Make a routine and stick to it. Wake up early, go for a run before you hit the shower to go to work. Make sure you spend atleast 45 minutes a day 3 times a week staying active. I enjoy doing Classpass as it allows me to try different things within one subscription. Vancouver doesn’t offer a lot of sun anyway so I have to work around it.

Try something new

For me this would be gardening, and by that I mean indoor Gardening, This might not be an ideal time to try that but indoor plants can actually help boost mood levels. I have been working on my green thumb on this indoor gardening device called Click & Grow. I find it very therapeutic and believe some plants have air purifying qualities. Click & Grow offers a variety of plants to choose from. Find complete list here

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Look into indoor activities

You should not postpone on date nights just because its shitty outside. That’s something outside our control, what in our control though is making the most of it. If you cant go outside bring fun inside. Last week Shams and I went for a Paint nite for our date night. It was fun, relaxing and a great way to reconnect and beat the winter blues.

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Binge a funny show

When it’s depressing outside its best to find a fun show and binge watch it in your jammies and a hot mug of chocolate. Experts believe when you laugh your brain counters depressive symptoms.

Funfact: Chocolate can help to enhance your mood and relieve anxiety

Spoil yourself 

Shams and I have been trying to do this more frequently now specially when we don’t have time for an elaborate trip. Last month we went to Whistler for a night and spent the day at the Spa at Nita Lake Lodge, we did book a massage. Most Spas allow guests to use their services if they book a service or buy a day pass.

What are your ways to fight winter blues?


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