Gifts for Men who have everything

Valentines day is around the corner and women like us like to plan ahead when it comes to Gifts for our Men, Friends and Families. Before I met Shams Gift giving was fairly an easy task as the only men in my life were men in my family and my best friend and I usually had a pretty good idea of what they’d like. But then there are men like my husband who are minimalists, don’t care for things and thats when things get tricky. So what do we get them for birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions?

Lets have a look at a list of gifts for men who have everything that I’ve compiled that would hopefully cater all Men in one way or the other.

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Experiential Gifts for Men

Cloud9living Giftcard

When you cant think of “things” you need to think outside the box. By that I mean experiential gifts. For men who have everything this could be the most obvious choice. Cloud9 living has a variety of options for experiential gifts and gift cards

Hockey tickets

This one is for the sport lover, Whether it be hockey tickets or tickets to his favourite sport. This is going to get you some serious brownie points.

Spa voucher

As much as men don’t like to admit they do enjoy pamper days to them selves. Whether it be a nice warm bubble bath once in a while or a Spa day. So pamper your man by booking him a massage at your nearest spa.

Shooting range

All men need some downtime and a place where they can unwind. Having spoken to a lot of men this seems to be a preferred choice. Book them a day at your nearest shooting range and they will come home happy.

Skiing/Snow boarding pass

One of the sports Shams looks forward to around winter time is Snow boarding. Lucky for us one of the Ski hills near by offer Gift cards  that can be used towards Skiing/Snow boarding days that saved my day last year on our Anniversary.

Subscription Gifts for men

Say it with a Sock 

Say it with a sock is a fun subscription based service that delivers fun socks every month. Most men like to own a few pairs of funky socks. Is your man one of them?

Dollar shave club

If he’s not into cool funky socks don’t worry! The dollar shave club subscription is something everyone can take advantage of. Cuz who doesn’t like receiving presents in the mail?

Other Gifts for Men

Google Home

This is something that caters all men whether they are into gadgets or not. No man is going to be disappointed having a Google Home gadget

Click and grow

I like to think there is a small percentage of men who are into Gardening (not generalizing) for the Gardener this is a device you must get. Click and grow is an indoor gardening device that can be used to grow a variety of herbs and flowers inside your place without worrying if theres enough sunshine. 

indoor gardening

Read my guide to indoor gardening


This is again for the tech junkies, There are tons of options out there when it comes to Smart watches. For Android users, The Samsung Smartwatch one of the popular ones these days. For iPhone users, obviously the most wanted Apple Watch.

I recently saw this very creative wooden desk organizer that I am adding to this list that can be customized for your loved one.  Isn’t that thoughtful?


Gone are the days when earphones needed wires attached to it. AirPods are every man’s dream.

Ember Smart Mug

Every time Shams goes to Starbucks he requests for his coffee to be served extra hot, If your man is anything like mine this is the gift you need. Ember is a smart mug that keeps your coffee hot at all times.

Do you have any other ideas for Gifts for Men who have everything? Do let me know in the comment box below


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