How I got rid of my Acne: 3 products I can swear by

I have always had problem skin full of acne, acne scars and white heads. This all started at Puberty (obviously), my parents helped me try a ton of things to help improve my skin including my mums DIY masks and what not but nothing ever really worked. After trying a gazillion products, I finally have a skincare regime that is actually working for me. This blog post includes the 3 products I absolutely love and swear by that have helped treat my skin.

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#1: Mask of Magnaminty – Lush

It all started Feb of 2016 Valentine’s day when I got a box of Lush products in mail from my husband who was my fiancé at that time. The Mask of Magnaminty was one of the things in that box. I’ve always had acne prone and problem skin growing up and after trying numerous products I was convinced my skin is never going to be the same again, But that changed very quickly. I started using the mask once every two weeks and noticed almost an immediate change. I would classify my skin type as combination/oily, this mask greatly helped with keeping my oil levels under control as it contains Kaolin clay and peppermint oil. Ive been using this for over two years now and has become a part of my beauty regime.

Find Mask of Magnaminty here at Lush

#2: YK Desert Island Oil

I have been following Yasmin Karimi on social media for a few years now. Her products are categorized in Hair and Skin care products. After reading reviews, I had been wanting to try her desert island. Last December I took the plunge and ordered it from her website, that was delivered to me within 10 days. 

First impression: The oil came in a purple glass bottle with stopper with YK printed on it in gold that was nicely packaged in bubble wrap to prevent breakages. It’s hard to describe the fragrance but its very pleasant (my husband loves it) and definitely not overpowering. The product is oil based and thicker than her Vitamin C serum

First application: Before my first application I had very porous skin full of acne and marks. I applied it at night before going to bed. The next morning my skin felt plump and definitely smoother. It also had a very pleasant fragrance to it.

Final verdict: After being 2 bottles in, I can not stop using it. It has become a part of my nightly ritual before going to bed and waking up to a plumper and smoother skin.  My acne marks have reduced drastically and I haven’t had a single zit in the past 10 months.

Sometimes I even use it as a primer under my makeup as it smoothens the application. I use this Jade roller to help.

Highly recommended.

#3: Krasr

I heard about this magical device by one of the Youtubers I follow. A link of this was posted under the youtube video that lead me to amazon.com. I had zero knowledge what this did and how well it performed. Upon research I found that it uses vacuum extraction to help get rid of acne, blackheads and whiteheads. One of the things I hate about my skin is whiteheads, mostly on my forehead and this claimed to help with that.

To my surprise there was a couple of hundred 4.5 star reviews. The price was very reasonable compared to all the expensive microdermabrasion treatments being offered. I immediately jumped on to Amazon Canada in the hope that I would find it there and I did! There wasn’t much to lose so I placed and order and started waiting for it. Even though the product was listed on the Canadian website it was shipped from China hence it took a while for me to receive it in the mail.

I watched some videos on how to use it and after a few attempts got the hang of it. The whole trick is to angle it in a way that it sucks all the dirt out of your skin. Make sure to check the pressure levels, I can only use it on #1 as anything higher ends up my skin looking bruised.

I use it once every month and love how it makes my skin look so clean and fresh.

These days there are a number of different versions available to purchase. 

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Let me know what has helped get rid of your acne in the comments below


11 thoughts on “How I got rid of my Acne: 3 products I can swear by

    1. Hi Rosina
      It doesnt hurt but it can get a little uncomfortable if you have the suction level up too high. I use it on level 1 after applying a warm was cloth to open my pores

  1. I love Lush products, and you can smell their store on the street so easily. Never tried this mask, but used some of their products.

  2. Thank god I’m to old for acne – but I remember how unnerving that can be. Guess tips against acne never become obsolete.

  3. I LOVE Lush Mask of Magnaminty, it’s so amazing for my oily, acne-prone skin! And it smells so yummy! I really, really want to try the Desert Oil, sounds kind of intriguing. By the way, have you tried the Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel? I used to have lots of whiteheads on my forehead area too, but that product helped me clear them out completely. I use a thick layer before bed every night and it worked wonders on my skin.

  4. These sound like great tips and tricks ! I will definitely try out the Krasr tool in the future.

    Kasey Ma

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