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How I grew my blog traffic by 400% in my second month of blogging

I started my blog on the 4th of November, 2018 which means its exactly been 2 months today. Before I even launched my blog I set some very realistic goals for myself. I do this to be able to hold myself accountable and track my progress.

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I tried searching for realistic goal expectations for brand new bloggers on the internet but didn’t have any luck. Having no real experience in blogging I was very lost in what to expect from my first month. So here were some numbers I aimed to achieve in my first month of blogging.

November goals:

Gain 20 pinterest followers

100 monthly page views

350 instagram followers

Write 8 blog posts

Gain 10 email subscribers

November was a bit of a learning curve that involved lots of reading what other bloggers are up to and how they grew their traffic. I tried spending an hour every day on my blog tweaking things, making it up to par and installing different plugins to make sure my readers have a seamless experience on my blog and in the hope they would sign up to my mailing list.

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The month flew by very quickly and I was pleased to see results end of the month on how I performed.

November goals and results:

Gain 20 pinterest followers –Success gained 26

100 monthly page views – Super success gained 418

350 instagram followers – Fail stuck on 325

Write 8 blog posts – Fail, wrote 7

Gain 10 email subscribers – Success gained 10

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Once entered my second month of blogging I knew I would have to do things differently to reach more people. I set some goals for December based on my November results

December goals:

Gain 40 pinterest followers

800 monthly page views

350 instagram followers

Write 8 blog posts

Gain 25 email subscribers

December was a lot of thinking outside the box, a lot of bloggers will tell you a lot of similar things on how they grew traffic but that wasn’t enough for me. So I started looking for other ways. Even though I wasn’t able to meet some of my December goals but by the end of the month the numbers I achieved was a success for me. These are the factors that contributed to my success:

Facebook groups

This doesn’t account for the largest amount of traffic to my website but it still is a big one. For newbie bloggers when you are overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to learn to run a successful blog this surely is motivating. These groups are full of like minded people who are wanting to grow their blog traffic. The moderators run daily feeds where you can leave your blog link for a comment/share/click through and several other actions in return for reciprocation. I agree that this isnt real traffic but for someone new, seeing those numbers add up to your blog traffic surely is motivating. Some of these groups include:

Boss Girl Bloggers

Grow your blog

Bloggers supporting each other

I also created a group as I believe this is a great initiative to help other bloggers in the community, so if you have a minute and if you’d like feel free to join my Facebook group here – Grow your Lifestyle blog

Tailwind & Pinterest

I’m sure you’ve heard alot about Tailwind as have I from almost every blogger on the planet. If you haven’t, let me summarize it for you. Tailwind is an smart scheduling software that schedules your pins at optimal times for your readers on Pinterest. It does come with a price tag for the full version and as a new blogger I didn’t want to spend any $ towards my blog as yet. So I started with the free version that lets you pin 100 pins. The trial version was soon over and I still wasn’t ready to commit a $ amount yet.

One of the Facebook groups I am in is run by an extremely talented woman Ell and she introduced her Pinterest course that I was tempted to try. I registered for the course and started following her steps. At the end of her course she mentioned the benefits of Tailwind and how it could help us bloggers. I caved and bought my Tailwind subscription. Once I started using it, Within a few days, maybe a week my Pinterest pins started reaching 60k + people. This was a pleasant surprise. I still need to work on the appearance of my pins but Im pretty happy with the progress so far.

By the way Pinterest does account for the highest traffic to my blog. You can register for your free trial with Tailwind here

Guest blogging

This was a smart move I played. When you are new to blogging no one knows about your existence and how do you change that? You collaborate or guest blog at High authority websites or people with a large following. In December I was able to do both, It gave a massive boost of traffic to my blog. I wrote a post on How I got rid of my Acne where I mentioned this face oil I have been using and shared it to the respective brand. The Brand shared my blog post on their social profile that has a following of 77k+ people and I received hundreds of visits to my website in a day.

The second one was a guest post at a popular travel blog where I wrote a post that linked back to my website.

Why Rome should be your next travel destination in 2019

If you are a new blogger, try to partner with people who have a bigger following to get your blog out there in the community.


I finally started seeing some organic traffic towards my blog. Bear in mind my blog is still very new (2 months old) and it’s hard to compete in the organic space with blogs that are 10+ years old. I worked on my SEO game throughout December and starting to see some results. Its not a big number but its still something. I use WP Yoast Plugin for all my SEO needs.

Here’s what my December results look like:

Gain 40 pinterest followers – Success gained 40

800 monthly page views – Super Success gained 1630

350 instagram followers – Fail still stuck on 325 ( need to work on my Insta game)

Write 8 blog posts – Success wrote 8

Gain 25 email subscribers – Fail gained 14 (Will be creating an email opt in return for a Freebie next month)

There’s still a lot to work on but I am happy with my progress. If you enjoyed reading about my blogging journey and would like to read more, do sign up to my mailing list below

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11 thoughts on “How I grew my blog traffic by 400% in my second month of blogging

  1. This was a great read as a new blogger! I like how you right out your specific goals, I need to do that 🙂 it’s great to have the vision in mind!


  2. Great tips! I’m just starting to get the hang of FB groups, but you’re making me think I need to have more defined goals when it comes to growing my audience.

  3. How inspiring! I’ve had my blog nearly 8 months (haven’t always been active on it and absolutely not consistent), but I’m not even close to your numbers. Go you! I will be using some of your tips.

  4. Well done! I love your goal list, it’s exactly what I need to outline for this year! Simple, meaningful and easy to track progress, thanks for sharing ?

  5. I love that you are so specific with your goals, I need to start doing more of that. You are making huge and fast progress – that’s amazing. The guest post is such a fantastic idea.

  6. Congrats on your awesome results! There are some really great tips in here that I am excited to try! Guest blogging is a phenomenal idea. Never really even thought about doing that before.

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