How to Get Over a Jet Lag Fast


Whether it’s your honeymoon, business trip or simply the end of a long and relaxing summer break, a jet lag is usually one of the downsides of traveling. With that being said, there isn’t anything in this world that can’t be cured. And a jet lag is definitely no exception.

In a manner similar to a hangover, a jet lag urges the human mind to feel lethargic, drowsy and totally out of the ballgame. The urge for individuals to hang tight to their natural bed timings is awfully strong. To cross a series of time zones during that long flight is partially to blame. So what’s the cure if you may ask? 

To help you get aligned with your body’s internal as well as external clocks, I am listing some fabulous ways to cure even the worse of symptoms. So let’s get right into it.  

Overnight flights can make all the difference 

While this may not always be under your control, overnight flights are a wonderful way to curb those intense jetlag vibes. The main reason of doing so is to allow you to adjust to the new time zone in the most effortless manner. Upon landing and checking into your residence, get some rest. This way, you’ll be on top of your game when it comes to a regular sleeping schedule. 

Jumpstart your day in the freshest of ways

It’s amazing how the simplest things in life make a world of a difference. And in case you’re wondering what exactly I am talking about; well let’s just say it has to do with the most invigorating morning routine. Be it fresh off that flight or simply the most dreaded morning after, kick start your day the right way. I am talking facial rinses infused with citrus or mint as well as the most invigorating shower gels too. 

The effects of exercise are startling 

Experts recommend exercising to be one of the easiest and quickest ways to get rid of a jet lag. Begin with outdoor routines that are light to moderate and then build your way up to a high-intensity exercise routine. Some great examples include yoga and jogging to lightweight resistance training too. Always remember to exercise right before your flight for that added dose of metabolism boost. This facilitates the release of endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin- leaving your body in the best of moods. 

Cut some slack for yourself by planning ahead

There’s truly nothing more upsetting than having to work the next day of your flight, especially when you’ve traveled across borders. Take a moment out to plan your schedule ahead of time. Arrive early so you give your mind and body just enough time to get back into the routine. After all, we’re only human and acclimatizing to different time zones isn’t simple. 

Never skip those vitamins

There’s a reason why experts recommend vitamin B and C. These play a major role in enhancing or boosting your body’s immune system. Remember, when you’re tired and restless, you sleep less. And that means the vulnerability to catch an illness increases twofold. 

There’s no reason you shouldn’t dress to impress

Looking great is the secret to feeling good. While comfortable sneakers and the coziest of sweaters may seem tempting, they’re bound to give you all the more reason to doze off during the day. This is exactly why experts recommend dressing well to keep that mind and body alert and active at all times. 

The right dose of caffeine can go a long way

The perfect dose of caffeine can do wonders at alleviating even the worst of jet lags. While we agree that one cup is irresistible and three is undoubtedly a crowd, two cups are plenty. Yes, you heard that right, no more or no less. Make it a rule of thumb to have one in the morning and one at midday. No coffee breaks should be scheduled before bedtime or three hours pre-flight. 

A nourished body is an alert body

You are what you eat and this notion can be termed to be true across all boards. Bid farewell to jet lags the easy way by consuming foods that nourish your body. While many are of the belief and under the temptation that sugary snacks will add that extra dose of energy, they’re sadly mistaken. This is the best time to invest in your health so do it the right way with protein-rich meals and the most nutritious vitamin foods. It’s also recommended to eat a healthy meal at a time that corresponds to the new time zone. 


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