How to Incorporate ​Greens in Your Diet

What would the earth look without anything green? The trees,  herbs, the grass and everything that amounts to a clean and green environment. I personally think that the earth would be incomplete without everything that makes it green because these are the thing that make it possible for the mankind to survive in a healthy way. Our body demands the green vegetables, fruits and herbs too, if you are not a fan of cooked green vegetables then you should go for green juices to complete the nutrition. 

I love green juices and I think they are the stars of the healthy world. You can drink all the green vegetables, fruits etc. in one go in the form of a juice. There are a lot of benefits in one glass that can help you in stepping towards a healthy life. I started drinking it about a month ago and I can seriously see a lot of health benefits, which are I am about to share:

  1. Green Juices helps in Alkalizing the body:

Our body’s pH should be balanced, which means that it should not be too acidic or too alkaline. It need to be maintained or be just right which is between 7.35 – 7.45 pH. There are things that leads your body towards being acidic like for example consumption of processed food. In order to maintain your pH level just right you should take some minerals and nutrients. 

If you do not, then it can result in weaker bones and a lot of other issues like digestion problems and fatigue. If you keep on consuming the green juice it will for sure help in maintain the alkalinity in your body. I used to take bunch of medicines for avoiding the acidic reactions but now my problem is solved. 

If you have digestion issues you should add mint into it as well.

  1. Keeps you energetic and active:

I drink it normally after working out, due to which it keeps me more active and makes me feel fresh. The effect of green herbs and vegetables is always fresh and soothing. I have noticed may people that when they are tired they go for coffee or tea but I have changed this habit of mine and started consuming more green juice. 

You have to provide the nutrients to your body that will keep your body fresh and active. The green juices can work as a remedy of many problems that you face on daily basis regarding the low or drained energy.

  1. Helps in delaying the signs of aging:

If you are one of those people that have no intake of green vegetables and fruits on the daily basis, you are missing out the healthy benefits of it. One of the benefits is it acts as anti-aging because of the antioxidants. It is a proven fact that green juices provide you with antioxidants that keeps your body away from the anti-aging oxidative. 

If you drink the green juices and exercise on daily basis you will be fighting a lot of diseases at a time like balanced blood pressure, heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

  1. Healthy skin:

One of the amazing differences that I noticed in my self is the healthy skin. After starting consuming the green juices I feel that my skin has become a lot healthier than how it used to be. I feel like that it has cured acne and spots to some extent as well. 

My skin feels so fresh and not dull anymore which a plus point is. The reason behind it could that the nutrients and minerals provided by the green juices are good for stomach and all the digestion problems. 


My recipe of Green juice

Normally, I keep on changing my recipe of green juice according to my need and availability of ingredients but the one which is beneficial and I use the most is as follows:

  • You have to take two green apples, I do not like to peel them but it is totally up to you.
  • Then I add 6 leaves of kale in to it.
  • I love the taste of mint and also I believe that it is so refreshing and gives a lot of refreshment. I normally add 10-20 leaves of mint. Avoid adding the sticks because then they are chewy in the juice.
  • I add two lemons for detoxification purposes.
  • Then I add one cucumber in to it.
  • Take a piece of ginger peel it and add that too, I love the taste of ginger.
  • Then I like to add celery, I normally take around 3 stalks.
  • If you want the juice to be thick then do not add water but add ice only.
  • And that’s it, blend and its done to drink. You can add salt if you want to, it will enhance the taste.

So, I think that you should give it a try. When you will start making a habit then in the start you won’t like the taste but then you will get used to it. It’s a step towards healthy life and skin.



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