Post Vacation Detox

Shams and I just got back from our vacation in Mexico after gorging on unlimited food, delicious drinks, and splashing in the water all day. However, like everything else, the holiday came to an end and now we are back to the grind. If you are in the same boat you are probably facing bloating, breakouts, and exhaustion. What you need now is a post vacation detox.


post vacation detox

Post vacation detox – What you need to know

Vacations are usually stressful and can affect our health if we over indulge in all the different food and drinks options available, specially if you are in an all inclusive resort. Vacations also come with its own side effects, that could range from an increase in weight to feeling bloated, from pimples to dry hair. The body needs to get rid of the toxins therefore a post vacation detox is necessary. 

Get your body and mind in shape

Detoxing sounds like a lot of work but gets easy if you start with a plan and a deadline. A week of post vacation detox is good enough for recovery after a week long vacation.

  • Start with a meal plan – a meal plan will help you to eat the right food and detox the body. Stay away from dairy products, sugar, wheat, caffeine, and alcohol. Say no to all types of processed food during that week. While it may sound convenient picking up a frozen meal or some kfc on your way, it might not be what your gut needs at this point. Come up with a list of what you need to prepare your meals during that week
  • Eat three or four meals a day. Keep the portions small but filling by including a lot of vegetables and fruits in them.
  • Go grocery shopping – buy groceries according to your meal plan. This will ensure you stick to your list and buying healthy ingredients for cooking. Needless to say, don’t buy aerated drinks, cookies, and chocolates.  Choose healthy snacks like fruits and popcorn. You can even munch on nuts.
  • Hydrate – we don’t realize but vacations leave our bodies dehydrated, so make sure to drink plenty of water to hydrate your body and to flush out the toxins. Also make sure to get back to your skincare routine and hydrate your skin as well, chances are your skin is pretty dehydrated too. 
  • Develop healthy habits – skip your usual cup of morning coffee or tea and begin your day with a healthy drink. Green tea or ginger tea will help in decreasing bloating. You can opt for a detox drink too. Cucumber, parsley, and lemon make an excellent detox drink.

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  • Get enough shut-eye – you need sufficient amount sleep to reduce stress. Make sure you get 7-9 hours of sleep every day. Cut down on social media time and try to get as much rest as possible.
  • Exercise – get active. Start with light cardio or yoga and move on to gym regimes or any sport that you love. Getting 45 minutes of exercise will help you lose the excess flab and get back in shape. 

Follow this detox plan and very soon you will be back to your usual self and planning for the next vacation.

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