Quarantine Gift Guide

Covid 19 has affected the entire world. It is not just the health, but the economy, businesses, and social lives, all have come to a halt. It has become even more important to stay in touch with the loved ones even though you have to limit your visits etc. Fortunately, technology has made it very easy to engage with loved ones. Our Quarantine gift guide presents 10 amazing ideas to make your loved ones feel loved during this difficult time. Let’s get started:


10 Amazing Ideas in Our Quarantine Gift Guide List

Flowers or Plants For a Fresh Brightening Effect

Flowers make for a classic gift especially when you want the other person to think about you. They give a fresh outdoor feeling which we all crave especially during the time of lockdown and quarantine. Houseplants will also make for a good surprise and help your loved ones to stay in touch with nature while staying indoors. This is why, we have included them at the top of the list in our list of quarantine gift guide.

An Online Course to Learn Some Skill During Quarantine

Thanks to technology, you can spend time learning a lot of things online. A variety of classes are available online and are offering special covid-19 discounts to encourage everyone to enroll into it. Platforms such as Udemy, Linda have special offers running from time to time for learning blogging, web development, digital marketing, embroidery etc. Gifting a course to your loved one is one of the best ways to make them feel special and loved.

Long Distance Lamps

Long Distance Lamps are just perfect especially when your loved ones are in quarantine or socially distancing. If you don’t know what these lamps do, well they both light up every time you tap one of them. This is one of the best ways to let the other person know that you are missing them.

A Box Full of Snacks During Quarantine

We all love to munch on tasty snacks. If you are missing spending time together when you used to have snacks and watch some t.v or play cards together, then don’t worry. There are snack box delivery services that will deliver the box full of your favorite snacks to your loved ones’ doorstep in no time.

A Book for Quality Reading & Writing Time

How about giving a book that provides an excellent reading time. It is often said that books are your best friends and in this time of self-isolation and social distancing, books have become more important than ever. 

Gifting an Embroidery Kit

If you think that your buddies love embroidery, then gifting an embroidery kit is just great. Embroidery not only keeps a person busy but is also an excellent stress reliever. The kit contains all the necessary items to get started. From the designs to the materials etc, it contains everything to start making lovely embroidered pieces.

How About A Picture Frame?

Framed pictures are full of memories and sentiments. When missing your loved ones that you can’t meet immediately, you can frame a good picture that you have of them with you and send it as a gift. This frame would not just light them up but would also remind them of you every time they look at it.

An Artistic Kit

If your buddies love art and creative expression, then an artistic kit makes for a great gift. There are art kits available online containing more than 215 materials from crayons to watercolors. The art kit is suitable for all ages and will surely please your artistic friends.

Delivering Groceries

Tasks such as groceries become tough for those in quarantine. Fortunately, there are online delivery services which are providing groceries at the doorstep. You can send a gift card for the grocery to your loved ones to show you care especially when they are unable to make it to the grocery store. This is a really utility idea in our entire quarantine gift guide.

A Scented Candle

A scented candle wrapped in an elegant tin is full of love, care, and warmness. Choose peach nectar or mango scent to make them nostalgic about all the moments that were happily spent together. This is the last idea for our quarantine gift guide list.

If you have any more ideas for our quarantine gift guide, feel free to share them with us in the comments below.


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