Secret Santa Gift Ideas 2019 for under $25

I participated in my first Secret Santa event last year at RED Academy, Prior to that I had never heard of this term. It was a fun experience and an excuse to get to know people I was working with. 

Its almost that time of the year again and my colleague and I are thinking of hosting Secret Santa at work as a way to celebrate Christmas.

The rules are simple, each person will be assigned another person secretly, Every one has to get to know their secret partner without letting them know that they are their Secret Santa and bring them a present under $25. (Read full Privacy & Disclosure Policy here )

Heres a list of Secret Santa gift ideas under $25.

For the Tea Lover

Feel good tea sampler – Davidstea – $24

Sparkle and pop color changing mug – Davidstea – $21

Everyone enjoys a good Cuppa tea specially around the Holiday season, even better if your cup has an infuser built in. Your tea lover friends will appreciate this one. 

For the one who loves being Pampered

Rose Gift Box – Lush – $19.95

Natural Essential Oils Gift Set – $19.99

One can never go wrong with Lush. Lucky for us, Lush comes out with tons of different gift boxes around Christmas time.

Essential oils are a perfect gift for a DIY-er soul. 

For the Hiker

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter – $17

Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife – $ 19.98

This is a category that wasn’t even on my list but a lot of people at my workplace are avid hikers that made me research a little more in the case one of them gets assigned to me. Hiking is a popular activity for a lot of people around summer time. I’m sure you all know of atleast 1 hiker in your social circle, right?

For the Baker

Oven Mitts – $12.97

Gourmet Salt Sampler – $ 19.99

A Baker can never have enough Oven mitts, plus who can not like such a cute color like this one. 

Any baker would appreciate this Dessert & Baking Salt Tray

For anyone at work

Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer – $10.99

RoseGold Desktop Organizer – $22.99

If you are unsure of what your secret partner falls under, these things will work for just about anyone and everyone. I hope you found my list of secret Santa gift ideas helpful.

Have a Merry Christmas!

secret Santa gift ideas

12 thoughts on “Secret Santa Gift Ideas 2019 for under $25

  1. Thanks for sharing your gift ideas! I definitely need some inspiration for this year’s Secret Santa. I didn’t even know coffee mug warmers existed!

  2. Some good gift ideas here. I’d love to check essential oils for taking care of my hair. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter is also the essential one for any travelers.

  3. I don’t do Secret Santa this year but we have family gift exchange with a group of friends. I’m sure I can use these ideas.

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