Why You Should be Taking Vitamin D Everyday

All our lives we’ve been asked to take advantage of the sunshine but have never thought about the health benefits behind it. 

The reason behind all this is nothing other than Vitamin D, it is one of the essential vitamins that our body needs. Basically, sunshine is one of the source of incorporating Vitamin D in your body. This the reason that this vitamin is also known as the “Sunshine Vitamin”. Vitamin D is produced in your skin when you get enough sunlight, or in other words when your skin is in contact with the sun light. 

I used to think that sunlight is the only source to it, but then I came to know that there are certain foods and supplements that can help in producing Vitamin D. There are many reasons behind why you should incorporate Vitamin D in your daily life, some of them are as follows:

Vitamin D helps in fighting diseases:

It facilitates your immune system along with playing a vital role in regulation and absorption of the phosphorus and calcium. It also helps in development of our teeth and bones, for that purpose we must have a sufficient amount of Vitamin D in our body. 

If we don’t get enough of Vitamin D there are chances that our bodies might develop bone abnormalities, we can suffer from osteoporosis and osteomalacia. Consuming sufficient Vitamin D also decreases the chances of developing heart diseases, along with that it keeps us away from the flu and cold.

It helps in treating Depression

Writing from personal experience, walking in the sunshine when Im feeling low helps a lot. Especially in the winters, sunlight plays an important role in regulating mood swings and reducing depression.

Taking Vitamin D supplements also helped in fighting with anxiety and keeping me active.

It actually helps in losing weight

Its time you should consider adding Vitamin D in your diet plan, especially if you are struggling to lose weight. I’ve experienced that intake of calcium and Vitamin enriched supplements can actually help in losing more weight. 

The reason behind it is that intake of both of these essentials, can create an appetite suppressing effect.

Vitamin can actually help the people with Diabetes

Many studies have proved this fact that there exists an inverse relationship between the concentrations of the blood of Vitamin D in the human body. This results in reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes. People who don’t carry diabetes will have reduced chances of getting this disease. 

Also, if you are a patient of type 2 Diabetes then you should know that if you do not have the enough amount of Vitamin D in your body, this will result in negatively effecting the secretion of insulin.

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Health benefits of Vitamin D during pregnancy

For pregnant women, having an intake of Vitamin D is really important for the health of them and their child. Vitamin D deficient women have chances of developing preeclampsia that can result in getting a cesarean section. 

As you are aware these is always a chance of developing diabetes during the pregnancy. Intake of enough Vitamin D can help a pregnant woman with not developing gestational diabetes mellitus. Having said that, excess of anything is not good for health. 

It can help in reducing the risk of Cancer

It is extremely important to incorporate Vitamin D in to your daily routine as it helps in regulation of the healthy cell growth in the human body. 

Research has proved when Calcitriol, which is a form of Vitamin D is hormonally active can help in reduction of risk of cancer. 

End note

The easiest form to incorporate Vitamin D in your everyday life is taking enough Sunlight. If you live in a city like Vancouver like I do, Vitamin D can be taken in the form of supplements that is easily available over the counter at most pharmacies or you can order my favourite brand Naturewise.

It helps in strengthening your immune system, that in turn protects you from diseases and keeps the human body healthy.  


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